LVWILas Vegas World Invitational
LVWILeft Ventricle Work Index
LVWILeukocyte-Vessel Wall Interactions
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Abbreviations VR ventricular remodeling CHF chronic heart failure AAC abdominal aortic constriction LVWI left ventricular weight index HWI heart weight index Ang II angiotensin II Hyp hydroxyproline MMP matrix metalloproteinase TIMP tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase ET-1 endothelin 1 TGF-[beta]1 transforming growth factor [beta]1 SBP systolic blood pressure DBP diastolic blood pressure HE hematoxylin and eosin ECM extracellular matrix
5, there was no significant difference of LVWI and HWI between sham-operated control group and sham-operated plus EERS group.
In our study, the degree of cardiac hypertrophy was displayed by the increase of LVWI, HWI and demonstrable microscopically with an up to 100% increase in cell transverse area.