LWAFLake Wilderness Arboretum Foundation (Maple Valley, WA)
LWAFLady with A Fan
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The granules were small, "sandlike" in appearance, with autofluorescence in both SWAF and LWAF channels (appearing bluish green in our color code).
However, unlike granules of conventional chRCC, the granules of oncocytoma appeared larger and brighter, with autofluorescence especially in the LWAF channel (color-coded blue).
Fluorescence Signal in the Experiment Channel Wavelength Color Name Range, nm Code Dominant Sources SHG 360-400 Red Collagen SWAF 420-490 Green NADH, lipofuscin LWAF 550-650 Blue FAD, NADH, lipofuscin, iron, etc Abbreviations: FAD, flavin adenine dinucleotide; LWAF, long-wave-length autofluorescence; NADH, reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide; SHG, second harmonic generation; SWAF, short-wave-length autofluorescence.
Zein tells Executive that LWAF is designed to connect female angel investors with female-founded startups.
Zein says the idea for LWAF came from three LLWB members who participated in the 2016 Seeders class fund.