LWCFLand and Water Conservation Fund
LWCFLiving Waters Christian Fellowship (various locations)
LWCFLost Work Case Frequency (safety)
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These two leaders want to ensure the Forest Legacy Program and LWCF are able to provide the benefits to our state that we are promised by the U.
Keywords: AFO (Animal Feeding Operation,), LWCF (Livestock Storage Waste Facilities), CNMP (Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans), ag-chemicals, nutrient
c] is the change in the corporate tax rate, GDP is the percentage change in real gross domestic product, R is a dummy variable equal to one for Republication presidents and zero otherwise, C is a dummy variable equal to one for Republican presidents and zero otherwise, C is a dummy variable equal to one for the Clinton presidency and zero otherwise, L1 and L2 are variables of the number of laws related to land exchanges passed in the previous three years, and LWCF is annual spending from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
Unfortunately, Congress eliminated the funding for this important element of the LWCF in 1995, just before I got to Congress in January 1997.
In October, Congress approved $699 million in LWCF spending for 1998, but not without strings.
This year, even as the Park Service considers killing a program to purchase private inholdings in parks, Congress sits on the LWCF, using it in an accounting scheme to reduce the federal deficit.
Over 40,000 grants to states and localities have been approved under the LWCF grants program for acquisition, development, and planning of outdoor recreation opportunities in the United States.
What's more, the LWCF has been widely praised among the conservation community.
Bishop attacked the program, saying it was supported by "the Obama administration and powerful special interest groups that profit financially under the current LWCF regime, who are willing to lie and cheat to lock in permanently a system that lacks transparency and swindles states' recreational needs.
A local example of the LWCF in action is Hassanamesit Woods in Grafton, a treasured 200 acres set aside with the help of federal funds.
The LWCF is a federal program that uses offshore oil and gas royalties to create parks, trails, river fishing access and preserve family ranches.