LWDSLightweight Dive System
LWDSLongitudinally Welded Double-seam Pipe
LWDSLiquid Waste Disposal Site
LWDSLocal Weather Distribution System
LWDSLittle White Dog Syndrome
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Animals suspected of having foot-and-mouth disease were slaughtered on farms and were not eligible for Slaughter Premium, a CAP subsidy, while those whose welfare was affected by movement restrictions were eligible for the LWDS, operated mainly through abattoirs.
President of LWDS added: "This agreement is the cornerstone of our intent to develop and market, in association with public agencies such as Semitropic, between 500,000 and a 1,000,000 acre-feet of new water over the course of the next decade.
LWDS, a subsidiary of Layne Christensen Company, focuses on development and acquisition of water resource assets as well as providing advisory and information management services for the water resources sector.
or Slaughtered before the introduction of the LWDS on the basis of a veterinary certificate that this was the only way to resolve a serious welfare problem.
Far from asking Defra to give the livestock sector more money we are saying it can cut down on LWDS expense by helping to make sure animals caught on farms with depleted forage stocks are given enough feed to get them through to spring.