LWILightweight Installer
LWILiving Water International (est. 1990)
LWILost Workday Injury (accident absence)
LWILocal Work Instruction (various companies)
LWILeonard Wood Institute (Fort Leonard Wood, MO)
LWILutherische Welt-Information (German: Lutheran World Information; publication; Lutheran World Federation)
LWILow Water Interval
LWILeopold-Wenger-Institut für Rechtsgeschichte (German: Leopold-Wenger-Institute for Legal History; Munich, Germany)
LWILiving Word International
LWILike What If
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LWi Custom Cabinets, located in Lockhart, Texas and doing business throughout the Austin Texas and surrounding areas, has been in business since 2002.
While the signal of impoverishment under the At Risk of Poverty indicator relies only on income, an indication from either the SMD or LWI factors helps to identify potential reasons behind deficits.
Nomenclature [D.sub.H]: Hertz scar diameter EP: Extreme pressure AW: Antiwear L: Load applied L NSL: Last nonseizure load LWI: Load wear index MWCNTs: Multiwalled carbon nanotubes SL: Seizure load X: Average scar diameter.
Recently, many interesting physical phenomena based on quantum interference and coherence such as coherent population trapping [1, 2], electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) [36], lasing without inversion (LWI) [7-9], superluminal and subluminal light propagation [11], enhancing Kerr nonlinearity [12], multiwave mixing [13, 14], optical bistability, and multistability [15-17] have been discovered.
One woman told us that the involvement of the Liberian Women's Initiative (LWI) in the Abuja peace talks in 1994 brought in international assistance that had not previously been forthcoming, and that during the wars (between 1990 and 2003), "several Liberian women had the opportunity of having training on women's rights, human rights and what have you."
The company will also be demonstrating its Buccaneer Lightweight Interceptor (BUC LWI) - a marine security system which projects floating entanglement lines to safely intercept, entrap and disable fast vessels used in narcotics trafficking, piracy or terrorist acts.
Meanwhile, today's hearing was attended by the lawyer, Mohsin Al lwi on behalf of Qasim Fardan, and Mohammed Al Marzooq, where he requested the inclusion of the video of the incident, and to assign the Prosecution to present a statement on the procedures that have been taken in regard of the complaints of torture, as well as including the minutes of the case.
Firm wins BP's LWI contract NORWAY: Norway-based Island Offshore, a leading name in global Light Well Intervention (LWI) activities, has been awarded a major contract extension worth NOK0.5 billion ($86.5 million) with BP Exploration Operating Company.
Norway-based Island Offshore, a leading name in global Light Well Intervention (LWI) activities, has been awarded a major contract extension worth NOK 0.5 billion ($86.5 million) with BP Exploration Operating Company.
(2.) These are the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD), the Legal Writing Institute (LWI), and Scribes: The American Society of Legal Writers.
The addition of two funds sub-advised by Loring Ward (LWI Financial Inc., San Jose, Calif.) expands on existing marketFLEX investment options, including 18 fund families.
The allophone [w] appears in the vicinity of back vowels: wat [wa:t] "stone", kowirom "I fell", ka girsawoca "You will get married", awasar "summer"; and in loans from Arabic: sewi "straight", 'awin kar- "help", lwi kar- "bend".