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LWIRLong-Wave Infrared
LWIRLost Workday Incident Rate
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LWIR analysis, through proprietary processing of Aster satellite data, has the ability to map or identify, through reflectance spectroscopy against a set of known standards, mineral distribution over large areas covered by vegetation and shallow cover.
The Northwestern team's solution is a detector element made from a stack of detector materials with SWIR sensitive INAS/GASB/ AlSB/GASB on top, MWIR sensitive INAS/ GASB in the middle and LWIR sensitive INAS/GASB in different proportions on the bottom.
The thermal images were taken using a LWIR thermal camera Xenics GOBI1954 with the resolution of 384 x 288 pixels, pixel pitch of 25 [micro]m, and spectral response in the wavelength range of 8-14 [micro]m.
Band Resolution Frequency range Number of ([cm.sup.-1]) ([cm.sup.-1]) channels LWIR 0.625 650-1095 713 MWIR 1.25 1210-1750 433 SWIR 2.5 2155-2550 159 Table 2: Differences between CrIS and AIRS LSE product at 5 AIRS TIR bands.
McHugh, "LWIR NUC using an uncooled microbolometer camera," in Technologies for Synthetic Environments: Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing XV, vol.
Martin Schlerf (CRPGL) for their contribution of the Hyper-Cam LWIR sensor, and Dr.
Over a 24-hour period, a pair of LWIR and CCD images was recorded at 1-hour intervals.
Since the incoming LWIR is an electromagnetic wave radiation at terahertz frequencies it can be collected by tuning an antenna in such a way that it is resonant at such frequencies.
These regions include the ultraviolet (UV) from 10-400 nanometer (nm); visible, or electro-optical (EO) from 0.4-0.7 micrometer ([micro]m); the near infrared (NWIR) from 0.7-3.0 [micro]m; midwave IR (MWIR) from 3.0-6.0 [micro]m; and the long-wave IR (LWIR) from 6.0-15.0 [micro]m in the EM spectra.
Triwikramanung makapanghadanta, tangan catur meww-iwu sangkhya ghora, sirah susun sapta matumpa-tumpa, haneka sewu lwir ikang matakweh.
It collects data in 36 spectral bands, from VIS to LWIR, and at three nadir spatial resolutions: 0.25 km, 0.5 km, and 1 km.
* in a far area of the infrared spectrum--the LWIR (long wavelength infrared region), with wavelengths of 5 mm to 15 [micro].m.