LWIULumber Workers Industrial Union
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Although the Lumber Workers Industrial Union was officially affiliated with the One Big Union until March 1924, the minutes of the Port Arthur LWIU local indicate problems with the Vancouver headquarters, conflict between Finns and non-Finns in the union, and the influence of the IWW appearing within months of the OBU's creation.
74) Yet it was not until the annual convention of the LWIU (OBU), held in Sudbury on 27 December 1923, that the actual decision was made to hold a referendum on affiliation with the Industrial Workers of the World.
Nick Viita, who was supply clerk for the Sudbury local of the LWIU no.
85) Although the organizing committee was jointly composed of the Communist-affiliated LWIUC and the IWW-affiliated LWIU no.
Given that the LWIUC had more members than the LWIU no.
97) At the ninth Ontario district conference of LWIU no.
In the Port Arthur district, however, where Hjalmar Salmi was branch secretary of the LWIU no.
With the end of the Third Period and the disbanding of the Workers' Unity League came the dissolution of both the LWIU no.