LWMHLow-Weight Molecular Heparin (carbohydrate)
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In our patient, despite adequate treatment of his salmonella bloodstream infection and his deep vein thrombosis with ceftriaxone and LWMH, he became hypotensive and it was only with drainage of his intramuscular abscess that his condition began to improve.
VTE level patients prophylaxis prophylaxis prophylaxis Low 16 3(18.75%) 5(31.25%) 8(50%) Moderate 24 7(29.17%) 12(50%) 5(20.83%) High 29 19(65.51%) 4(13.79%) 6(20.69%) At risk 69 29(42.03%) 21(30.43%) 19(27.53%) TABLE 5: VTE risk and suggested prophylaxis for surgical patients Total Risk Incidence 30-day Proven Factor Score of DVT DVT Incidence * 0-1 <10% 0% 2 10-20% 0.7% 3-4 20-40% 0.97% 5 or more 40-80% 1-5% Mortality 1.94% Total Risk Risk Level Prophylaxis Regimen Factor Score 0-1 Low Risk No specific measures; early Ambulation 2 Moderate Risk IPC, LDUH (5000U BID, or LWMH (<3400 U) 3-4 High Risk IPC, LDUH (5000U TID), or LMWH (>3400U) or FXa I 5 or more Highest Risk Pharmacological: LDUH, LMWH (>3400 U), Warfarin, or FXa I alone or in combination with IPC
Some hospitals are able to arrange a service for patients to come to the wards for injections or for community nurses to administer LWMH at home.
Although the use of LWMH is established, the considerably less costly approach of fixed-dose, weight-adjusted, SC UFH is appealing in a resource-constrained setting.
Enoxaparin is a low molecular weight heparin (LWMH) commonly used in clinics with few untoward effects pertaining to bleeding or hematoma.
Also comparable were major bleeding events, at 1.2% for warfarin and at 0.4% for LWMH, and death rates, at 3.7% for warfarin and at 3.8% for LWMH.