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LWPlibwww-perl (library for WWW access using Perl)
LWPLight Weight Process
LWPLiquid Water Path
LWPLeave Without Pay
LWPLeave With Pay
LWPLife Without Parole
LWPLightweight Water Purifier
LWPLong Wavelength Pass
LWPLight Weight Protocol
LWPLeft Watching Properly (USCG term)
LWPLiquid Waste Processing
LWPLotus WordPro File extension
LWPLightweight Gun
LWPLight Weight Pack (obsolete)
LWPLausanne World Pulse (religious magazine; Wheaton, IL)
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Osmotic adjustment was measured by Methods 1 and 3 on the 22nd day after the last irrigation when plants were at a RWC of 55 to 65% and a LWP of around -3.
The acquisition shows LWPs commitment to developing low carbon renewable energy on the Isle of Lewis offering significant benefits for the community.
Such cultivars retain turgidity and leaf gas exchange to lower LWP than the former cultivars.
With more developers turning to managed code and the number of individual concurrent interactions growing over time, LWP is designed to help optimize multithreaded applications running on multi-core systems by reducing bottlenecks, increasing performance and enabling dynamic adaptation to changes in application behavior.
Just as TrueWave REACH has become the fiber of choice for new long-haul networks, as long-haul networks converge with metro networks and long distance carriers merge with local exchange carriers, TrueWave REACH LWP fiber will naturally become the Medium Dispersion Fiber of choice for this new era.
Committed to providing its customers with the best enterprise products available, LWP GmbH is proud to announce that it has signed an exclusive strategic partnership agreement with UniPrint, and will no longer partner with Thinprint," commented Rolf Ferrenberg, Managing Director, LWP GmbH.
LWP represents Thin Client technologies from market leaders like Citrix Systems and Wyse Technology.
Kim has produced a capsule collection of packable jackets, shorts, an athlete travel bag and new trainers in the shape of the NikeLab Air Zoom LWP Kim Jones.
The Qatari fund will buy a 50 per cent stake in LWP Lessee, the manager and operator of the Lakefield Wind Project, according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruling, Bloomberg reported.
Nebras would acquire a 50% stake in LWP Lessee, the manager and operator of the Lakefield wind project, according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruling, as per Bloomberg.
Scoular now owns the Legumex Walker name and its affiliated special crops business, while the seller of the business has changed its name to LWP Capital Inc.