LWPALinguistics Working Papers Abstracts (scholarly journal)
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and second sections of the LWPA, whereby one section mandates the
LWPA's strength as an effective recourse for workers is the penalty
of the LWPA and the FLSA, they may also recover their wages pursuant to
penalties, attorney fees and costs under the LWPA. (124) However, if the
LWPA provides strong protection for workers by imposing a stringent
under the LWPA. (170) More particularly, the courts' failure to
unpaid in violation of the LWPA. The Project's experience in this
non-payment of wages under the LWPA or enforce the minimum wage and
focuses on articulating and drafting proposed amendments to the LWPA to
interpreted either way, it is always prudent to assert the LWPA claim
asserted in conjunction with an LWPA claim brought in state court.
LWPA applicability, worthy of critical analysis; however, for the sake