LWPSLowell Whiteman Primary School (Steamboat Springs, CO)
LWPSLandelijke Werkgroep Professionele Schapenhouders (Dutch: National Working Group Professional Sheep Farmers)
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While there is neither a mandate nor policy directive, he added, "We are encouraging commanders to use the LWPS and TWPS.
LWPs from second group are illuminated using LED Laser with line generating optics, as described in previous section.
This paper presents practical MV based solution for indexing of LWPs, which is a common problem in modern production systems.
Prior to mechanical working of longitudinally welded pipes (LWP), it is often necessary to determine exact position of seam weld.
Several samples of LWP with different characteristics were obtained, as shown in Fig.1.
The LWP, transpiration rate, and soil water content data were analyzed in a split-plot-in-time design.
Drought stress reduced LWP in all three species compared with the normal and wet treatments, which did not differ from each other (Table 5).
Abbreviations: CP, crude protein; IVTD, in vitro true digestibility; LWP, leaf water potential; NDF, neutral detergent fiber.
Number of Random Servers 10 20 33 49 [R.sub.n] 0.100 0.208 0.345 0.511 Failure rate 56% 31% 16% 9% Number of Automatic LWP Servers 10 20 33 49 [R.sub.n] 0.297 0.500 0.675 0.817 Failure rate 12% 3% 0% 0% Number of Optimal Servers 10 20 33 49 [R.sub.n] 0.500 0.730 0.889 0.973 Failure rate 0% 0% 0% 0% Table IX.