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LWRLight Water Reactor
LWRLong-Wave Radiation
LWRLutheran World Relief
LWRLocally Weighted Regression
LWRLiving without Religion (Canada)
LWRLine Width Roughness (engineering)
LWRLaser Warning Receiver
LWRLocal Wage Rate
LWRLine Width Reduction
LWRLab Work Request (reporting)
LWRLeadership Waterloo Region (Ontario, Canada)
LWRLaunch When Ready
LWRLakeland & Waterways Railway
LWRLong Wavelength Redundant Camera
LWRLASINT Warning Receivers
LWRLink Wavelength Requirement
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Lawrence San Diego, communications manager of Protect Wildlife in southern Palawan, said Cherish Fisherfolk Association's linking with partners, such as LWR and Eclof, ensures microfinancing for its members.
In our LWR-based FHE, we choose m pairs of LWR instances as a public key and the private key therein as a secret key.
Grain shape is determined by grain length (GL), grain width (GW), length to width ratio (LWR) and grain thickness (GT).
The LWR coordinated with the City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) in choosing areas that were considered flood-prone.
The North says it will fuel the LWR, which will be used to generate electricity.
Most nuclear reactors today are light water reactors (LWR), cooled by water and fueled by uranium-238, or U-238 (the most common naturally occurring uranium isotope) and 4% to 5% U-235.
Haiti was the first disaster of the year, and certainly the one that caused the most rampant destruction in 2010, said Carolyn Barker-Villena, senior program manager for Latin America at Lutheran World Relief (LWR) in Baltimore, Md.
ie, from the GAA Ticket Shop at 53A Lwr Dorset St or from Ticketmaster outlets nationwide while stocks last.
Further information on this journal may be found in the Waterloo Directory and Noctes Ambrosiame, the latter indicating that Leitch Ritchie was also an editor of the LWR. (9) The journal appeared each Saturday in 16 pages, had three columns to a page, and sold for 8d.
But KEDO's activities have been significantly affected by developments in the international diplomatic arena over the last few years.aIt is now over three years since KEDO stopped shipments of heavy fuel oil to Korea and the LWR project has been suspended since November 2003.