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LWSLiving with Style (website)
LWSLong Wavelength Spectrometer (Keck Observatory)
LWSLinear Whitespace (used in defining HTTP)
LWSLuxembourg Wealth Study
LWSLucent-Technologies Worldwide Services
LWSLowry-Wood Syndrome
LWSLeft Wheel Speed
LWSLethal White Syndrome (genetic disorder)
LWSLand Warrior Surrogate
LWSLightning Warning Set
LWSLoading Manual Weapons/Stores
LWSLow Water At Spring Tide
LWSLogistex Warehouse System (Logistex)
LWSLight-Weight Session (networking)
LWSLow Wall Suction
LWSLimp Wrist Syndrome
LWSLiving with A Star (Beowulf cluster application - NASA)
LWSLight Weight Seats
LWSLaser Warning System
LWSLewiston, ID, USA - Lewiston-Nez Perce Airport (Airport Code)
LWSLocal Weather Service
LWSLand Warfare System
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Susan Rutherford and Jazz Singh, directors of the LWS Night Shelter have welcomed the support.
Recovered crustacean LWS opsin transcripts T20086, T27696g1, and T27696g2 belong to stomatopod LWS opsin groups F, E, and B, respectively (Fig.
Paralarvae LWS were usually broken during beak extraction, because of the fragility of these structures after long exposure to ethanol.
LWS plans to target markets with an estimated potential value of PS20m.
by rejecting land-use prices in China as benchmarks for government-provided land-use rights in the LWS and OTR investigations, or that the benchmarks actually used were inconsistent with those obligations; [.
I leave LWS feeling deflated and angrier than ever yet heartened by the kindness of the people I've met there.
According to LWS, Pronto's OSS products enable it to deploy a scalable and robust Wi-Fi network quickly, with a flexible platform for the introduction of converged services and new applications.
LWS is a litigation boutique that represents businesses and individuals in state and federal trial and appellate courts and arbitration forums throughout the United States and provides pre-litigation counseling to its clients.
The AIT will be used as the primary method of passenger screening for travelers departing LWS.
The company specializes in the development, manufacture, supply and integration of increasingly advanced RWR, LWS, PAWS, ECM, ESM and ELINT systems.
The new LWS 380 holds six rounds in the magazine, the same as the .
With limited production and runaway demand, the Seecamp LWS 32 is the most sought alter handgun in the country.