LWSBLions World Services for the Blind
LWSBLake Winnipeg Stewardship Board (est. 2003; Canada)
LWSBLangmuir-Wilhelmy Surface Balance
LWSBLight Weight Sleeping Bag
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Sangalli has learned from LWSB's clients as they have learned from LWSB.
Sangalli stressed that LWSB only provides its clients the opportunity to regain their lives.
LWSB provides "training opportunities so people can regain their independence," she said.
LWSB has evolved from an Arkansas-based organization primarily working to give visually impaired people skills to adapt to the "sighted" world to one that attracts international students and provides job training.
LWSB has trained more than 9,000 people from all 50 states and 57 other countries since its founding.
LWSB has outgrown its Fair Park Boulevard site, and is in the early stages of building a new campus near the Clinton Presidential Library and Heifer International in downtown Little Rock.
Before LWSB, there were few institutions in the country that could help blind people lead what the rest of us consider basic, normal lives.
LWSB created a reputation for not only excellent training but also state-of-the-art innovation and equipment, which began to attract clients from this country and abroad, even without money for advertising or publicity.
The innovation spawned an ongoing program of job-specific training courses, a program that has placed LWSB at the forefront of vocational training nationwide.