LWSCLusaka Water and Sewerage Company (est. 1988; Zambia)
LWSCLake Washington Ship Canal
LWSCLeavenworth Winter Sports Club (est. 1928; Leavenworth, WA)
LWSCLynn Water Sewer Commission (Massachusetts)
LWSCLou Walker Senior Center (Lithonia, GA)
LWSCLake Worth Surgical Center (Lake Worth, FL)
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He claims that his resignation was due to his new job at the United Development Program (UNDP) which he said was unarguably higher than his previous job at LWSC.
The LWSC MD said with the restoration and upgrade of the water facility, no Liberian in urban areas will die due to the lack of clean water because the management has done everything to reach them with pipe borne water.
This new project will also boost revenue generation for the LWSC.
Furthermore, the installation of bulk meters across the network will allow the LWSC to set up district metered areas to track and address non-revenue water more effectively.
Contract management and contract administration of all contracts within the LSP, subject to final decisions by LWSC as the Employer or Client under the contracts.
Provision of effective capacity building advice and interventions on project management to the PMU and the wider LWSC to secure LWSCs capacity to deliver further projects in future.
iii) Ensure the long-term technical and financial viability of LWSC
LWSC are charging the LD20 per gallon, so the citizens stated that they are unable to afford it and also asked to lower the rate to LD5 per gallon.
Further, the Consultant will be responsible for ensuring that LWSC can have the Project Management Unit in place and operative, can manage permitting and procurement issues, can implement the Environmental and Social Management Plan and deliver the LSP in accordance with all relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, and can implement capacity building interventions on project management by the PMU and the LWSC.
LWSC stands prepared to provide technical assistance and will work with the various counties in developing water systems in those areas, said Cassell.