LWSRLower Wisconsin State Riverway (est. 1989)
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Although the timber harvests may have also played a role, results from Hale (2004) indicated that the understory densities of non-harvested and harvested sites in the LWSR are similar.
Zedler); and the staff of the LWSR for their time and assistance.
Sites within the LWSR surveyed by Curtis in the 1950s Survey Site points Comments (a) Helena (HL) 60 Harvest in 1940s; Overstory harvest in 1977 Ferry 40 Large timber removal in early Bluff (FB) 1980s; 1994 harvest of silver maple and green ash (dbh >36 cm) Arena (AR) 40 Partial clearing after 1950s for parking lot construction Lone 20 Last harvest in 1932 Rock (LR) Wyoming 40 Last harvest in 1896 Bluffs (WY) (a) Source: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources records.