LWSSLight-Weight SpaceShip (Conway's game of life)
LWSSLocal Web Storage Systems (Microsoft)
LWSSLiving Water, Sealing Spirit (Maxwell Johnson book)
LWSSLow Wall Shear Stress (medicine)
LWSSLois Willis Secretarial Support (Australia)
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Lightway, a solar company, is using technology from Tigo Energy for its new LWSS Smart Module line.
The new LWSS module system helps designers to string 30 percent more modules in series while remaining within NEC and IEC safety code.
Tenders are invited for Running Operation of LWSS Ser Balouni Ist phase 1st 2nd stage LWSS Kohalwin Bandos LWSS Uttap Sarwin LWSS Lanjiana Fangsana LWSS Ser Balouni Dhaned Phase 2nd LWSS Ghallian, LWSS Ghallian Sambrian LWSS Nauhal Raine LWSS Galot Kallan and Galot Khurd LWSS Balouni KirwinLWSS Dhaned Haretta Phase 1st and 2nd LWSS Bhaloo under IPH section Galore Ist in Tehsil Nadaun Distt.
Tenders are invited for Running Operation of LWSS Kardoh LWSS Nara,LWSS Jiana Sukrala LWSS Phal Kotlu Daswin Tlhari LWSS Galore Budhwin Raj Khas under IPH section Galore 2nd in Tehsil Nadaun DistL Hamirpur SH Deployment of labour for one year
Tenders are invited for S E of pumping machinery and laying jointing and testing of Rising main LWSS Aman 2" phase in connection with Providing LWSS ic NO.
Tenders are invited for Deployment ol labour tor one year in connection with Running Operation of LWSS Dhirar Paplah Phase 2%" LWSS Neri Bhukkar LWSS Mera KaKtol under IPH Section Awah Devi in Tehsil Bhoranj Dtsrt.
Tenders are invited for Near LWSS Nehli Mandlahan and near LWSS Dhartidharin connection with Channelization of Jalal River with multipurpose low height dams at different places for recharging of water supply and irrigation scheme on Jalal River in Tehsil Kalian Document cost : INR 800 EMD value : INR 80000 Opening date : 25 Oct 2017 Period of contract : 6 Month