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LWVLeague of Women Voters
LWVLinguistically Wave
LWVLow Water Volume (boilers)
LWVLimburgse Werkgevers Vereniging (Dutch: Limburg Employers Association; Netherlands)
LWVLawrenceville, Illinois (Airport Code)
LWVLight Weight Vehicle
LWVLackawanna and Wyoming Valley Railway Company
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Walker, who was a member of the LWV's steering committee to establish a series of general election debates, opened the memo by saying: I strongly recommend that in your acceptance speech Thursday evening you "challenge" Carter to a series of television "debates" during the campaign....
Cain herself signed a LWV letter to all senators, urging them to vote against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act in the name of "reproductive choice." The LWV also lobbied this year in favor of the chemical weapons treaty, gun control, funding of the U.N., health care for children, and clean air standards, and against the balanced budget constitutional amendment.
Also in May, Joyce Benson, LWV of Duluth, came to Washington, DC, to receive recognition as an outstanding local hostess from the Open World Leadership Center.
The LWV can block partisan noise by marshalling the voice of more voters to practice democracy.
Statement: As a local League president who worked on the Membership Recruitment Initiative, I have a clear understanding ofwhat is needed for the LWV's future leadership and wisdom.
LWV Hastings president, 1992-96; past Voter editor.
The communications department is geared up for the 2008 elections--getting the word out about League projects, promoting VOTE411.org, and communicating with voters, the media and the LWV community about our election reform efforts.
A team of local, state and national leaders, former LWVUS Treasurer Shirley Eberly, Nancy Eitreim (LWV of Seattle), Mary Klenz (LWV of North Carolina), Judy Poulson (LWV of Tennessee) and LWVUS Director Carol Reimers, contributed to this wonderful new reference guide.
The LWV of South Hampton and Norfolk Roads, VA, has launched the year-long Judicial Education and Awareness Project (JEAP) to provide these communities with comprehensive exposure to such issues as the separation of powers, checks and balances, and the importance of protecting a fair and independent judiciary.