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LWVLeague of Women Voters
LWVLimburgse Werkgevers Vereniging (Dutch: Limburg Employers Association; Netherlands)
LWVLawrenceville, Illinois (Airport Code)
LWVLight Weight Vehicle
LWVLackawanna and Wyoming Valley Railway Company
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The challenge was not a result of the LWV telegram, but rather careful discussion among Ford's campaign staff.
The Ford negotiator should deal with Powell directly, not an intermediary such as the LWV.
The Ford campaign clearly was not going to trust the Carter campaign, but to not trust the sponsor of the debates, in this case the LWV, made negotiating much more difficult.
The Ford campaign's hesitation in defaulting to the LWV as the only sponsor for the debates was not completely unfounded.
Much like Carter did in his response to Ford's challenge on August 19, Ford was trying to negotiate through the press, trying to set the agenda for the first meeting between the LWV and the representatives of the candidates.
The LWV was determined to contain the negotiations to a handful of meetings, unlike the dozen it took to negotiate the 1960 debates.
We believe that the LWV has a perfect right, under the First Amendment, to seek to persuade officeholders, officeseekers, or the general public of its viewpoint on these or any other issues.
Also in May, Joyce Benson, LWV of Duluth, came to Washington, DC, to receive recognition as an outstanding local hostess from the Open World Leadership Center.
The LWVs of Arlington Heights (IL), Berea and Madison Counties (KY), Duluth (MN), Elmhurst (IL), the Hamptons (NY), Highland Park (IL), Jackson County (IL), Kalamazoo (MI), La Plata County (CO), LaGrange (IL), Montezuma County (CO), Salt Lake City (UT), San Jose/Santa Clara (CA), Snohomish County (WA), Sumter County (SC) and Tyler/Smith County (TX) are participating.
The LWV Hessen runs a NetApp Streched Met-roCluster type FAS3270 distributed over two data centers (RZ) with synchronous data mirroring and backs up its data to a backup system type FAS2040 in a data storage room separated from the MetroCluster.
The LWV of South Hampton and Norfolk Roads, VA, has launched the year-long Judicial Education and Awareness Project (JEAP) to provide these communities with comprehensive exposure to such issues as the separation of powers, checks and balances, and the importance of protecting a fair and independent judiciary.
The Sounding Off column allows the LWV of Arizona to share its experience regarding merit selection of judges.