LWVUSLeague of Women Voters of the United States
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LWVUS Council 2009, "Creating New Opportunities," will be held on June 13-15 in Washington, DC.
Through the League's Public Advocacy for Voter Protection (PAVP) project, the LWVUS directly supports state and local Leagues' work that is focused on preventing the disenfranchisement of eligible citizens, especially underrepresented populations such as youth, minorities and people with limited resources.
LWVUS President Mary Wilson's travel to nine states and 17 cities over a two-month period leading into the general election.
We also introduce our new national officers and Board of Directors, and report on the successful LWVUS Convention 2008.
League delegates were then welcomed by LWVUS Convention Planning Chair Donna Lauffer, and introduced to the wonderful city of Portland by LWVOR President Marge Easley and Portland League President Betsy Pratt.
Following the success of the Presidential Primary Voters' Guide, the LWVUS is creating a new Presidential Voters' Guide for the General Election, which gives voters insight into how the presidential candidates plan to address key topics in the 2008 election.
In an amicus brief, the LWVUS asked the Supreme Court to protect fair voting districts by holding that the Voting Rights Act does not require a minority community's size to meet a rigid numerical quota.
On the advocacy front, work continues on the priorities set by the LWVUS Board for 2008.
Therefore, the LWVUS is issuing a call to action of every League member this election season: ask someone to join the League.
Eva assists LWVUS President Mary Wilson and LWVUS Executive Director Nancy Tate with their daily tasks.
The LWVUS Board and The National Voter staff thank you for your support of this exciting venture.