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LXCLanguages Across the Curriculum
LXCLocal X Cross-Connection
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LXC differs from Docker in that it provides lightweight namespace separation capabilities while removing traditional VM overhead while Docker is a single application virtualization engine which runs on the top of the containers.
In this paper we describe a setup of LXC with SR-IOV tested with a handful of easy-to-run synthetic benchmarks.
When working on the solution we stumbled upon a bug in the CentOS7 LXC template that results in a very slow container boot4.
Docker, for those not familiar with it, is a Linux containerization tech that allows a developer bind up an app and its dependencies into a lightweight container based on Linux's LXC and namespaces, among other technologies.
Overland sent an engineer on-site who assisted in installing and configuring two new LibraryXpress systems, each equipped with one LXG Global Control Module, two LXB7110 Base Modules, and two LXC Capacity Modules for a total available capacity of more than 2.
The Ottawa Hospital appreciated the personal assistance, which included training for simple on-site maintenance and first-level diagnosis, and intends to upgrade their existing LXB7110s to dual-drive libraries before long, plus add an additional LXC to each system when the need arises.