LXLLarge Extra Large
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Positions of nodes follow a uniform distribution in the scope of LxL = 1000 x 1000 and all position constraints are set as 300.
Eighteen rabbits of same age, sex, breed and apparently healthy animals were selected and divided into the following three groups of six each to study the efficacy of chitosan and chitosan-povidone iodine composite films on cutaneous wounds of lxl cm area, Group I- Control animals, Group II-Chitosan film applied animals and Group III- Chitosan-povidone iodine composite film applied animals.
Let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] where [I.sub.L] is a LxL identity matrix; then
"Many standards coexist in such hybrid systems, such as PX1, LXL AX1e, and VXI, ensuring interoperability and long-term sustainability without compromising on backward compatibility," he concluded.
Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom, July 11, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Silver Fox, a leading UK manufacturer of labelling solutions, has reported that sales of its LXL range of tie-on cable labels have been rising steadily over the past year and are being used in an increasingly diverse set of sectors.
The winning freshwater coarse fish carries off an SKP Superteam LXL rod and SKP MACH 3 XT front-drag reel.
Numbers of records for litter traits (NBA, LBW, NPW, and LWW) by type of mating were 1,162 (26.4%) for purebred matings (LxL and TxT), 2,827 (64.3%) for crossbred matings (LxT and TxL), and 410 (9.3%) for backcrosses of purebred boars and crossbred sows (LxLT, L xTL, TxLT, and T xTL).