LXPLearning Experience Platform
LXPLeveraged Execution Providers (Pittsburgh, PA)
LXPLoyalty Exchange Partners (New York, NY)
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Four models are available that vary with the carrier--the LXP 200, 300, 400 and 500.
Kuhn has recently ramped up its commitment to supplying highly specialized equipment solutions to the demolition industry with the purchase of two new Jewell UHD packages, two new Genesis LXP 500Rs and a new Genesis LXP 300R.
Each LXP jaw retains it own pivot group, facilitating jaw changes and boosting available power
Each LXP jaw retains its own pivot group, which means jaw sets can be changed out by hydraulically releasing one jaw and hydraulically adding the other, in quick-coupler fashion, Ross Christenson, Genesis research and development engineer, says.