LXRBLiver X Receptor Beta
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Real-time RT-PCR reactions were performed in quadruplicate in optical 96-well reaction microtiter plates covered with optical caps, in a volume of 20 [micro]L containing 1 [micro]L TaqMan Gene Expression Assay 20x (Hs00172885_m1 for LXRA Exon boundary 6-7 and Hs01027208_m1 Exon boundary 2-3 for LXRB mRNA detection, all Applied Biosystems, Weiterstadt, Germany), 10 [micro]L TaqMan Fast Universal PCR Master Mix 2x (Applied Biosystems, Weiterstadt, Germany), 1 [micro]L (300-900 ng/[micro]L) template and 8 [micro]L [H.sub.2]O (DEPC-treated DI water, Sigma, Taufkirchen, Germany).
For quantification of LXR mRNA expression, mean values for LXRA and LXRB were used.
(c) LXR A was downregulated to 27% (P=0.07) and (e) LXRB was downregulated to 38% (P=0.795).