LXRaLiver X Receptor Alpha
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The LXR subfamily consists of LXRa and LXRAY two isoforms that are highly related and share ~78% identity of their amino acid sequences in ligand-binding domains (LBDs) their nuclear retention and localization as well as function display some differences (Grazyna et al.
Most oxysterols have similar affinity toward both LXR isoforms with the exception of 56-24(S) 25-dieopxycholesterol and 6a-hydroxy bile acids which are somewhat selective for LXRa (Song et al.
LXRa transcriptional activity is also regulated post translationally by protein kinase A that phosphorylates receptor protein at two sites thereby impairing its dimerization and DNA-binding (Kase et al.
In this study the polymorphisms of LXRa gene were detected and its associations with Cherry Valley duck meat quality traits were also investigated which may give an insight into the regulatory mechanism of meat quality and be helpful for improving meat quality traits in duck breeding.
Based on the duck LXRa gene mRNA sequences (Accession no.
Genomic DNA of LXRa gene for all individuals were successfully amplified using LXRa-F1/R1-LXRa-F4/R4 primers.
By aligning the polymorphism sequences the 277Cgreater than G silent mutation (ss831878775) occurred in exon 2 of LXRa gene (Fig.
Allele gene and genotype frequencies heterozygosity (h) and polymorphism information content (PIC) of the 277Cgreater than G mutation for Cherry Valley duck LXRa gene were presented in Table .
Association of the 277Cgreater than G locus of LXRa gene with
In present analyses the association of the 277Cgreater than G mutation of LXRa gene with Cherry Valley duck meat quality traits were showed in Table .
LXRa is important regulator of cholesterol fatty acid glucose homeostasis and immune response.
Characteristics of the 277Cgreater than G locus of LXRa gene in Cherry Valley ducks