LXWLucha Xtreme Wrestling (free-style wrestling)
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Previous studies have also found greater variability for the product between the length and width (LxW) of leaves than in the values of length and width themselves (Cargnelutti Filho, Toebe, Alves, Burin, & Kleinpaul, 2015a; Cargnelutti Filho, Toebe, Alves, & Burin, 2015b; Schmildt, Negris, Cesana Junior, Schmildt, & Alexandre, 2016a).
The area ratio is the area beneath the aperture opening divided by the area of the inside aperture wall; area ratio = [(LXW)/(2(L+W)T)].
LXW Log prices of wholesale good in export destinations (dollar index, trade weighted).
Cain, The Challenge of Dual and Radical Theories of the labor Market to Orthodox Theory," American Economic Review, LXW, May 1975, pp.
It compares the surface area of the stencil aperture (LxW) to the surface area of the stencil aperture walls ((2L)+(2W))x(t).
All shell sizes are given as lxw, where l is length and w is greater width.
DIMENSIONS (LxW): 66 x 57 inches (Model A); 97 x 57 inches (Model B); 126 x 57 inches (Model C).
DIMENSIONS (LxW): Usable page area measures 8.5 x 5 inches.