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LYDLibyan Dinar (ISO currency code)
LydLydian (linguistics)
LYDLibertad Y Desarrollo (Spanish: Freedom & Development; Las Condes, Chile)
LYDLittle. Yellow. Different. (blog)
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On November 14, the Libyan council of ministers published a decree authorising payments to several countries, including a payment of 250 million LYD "as a donation to the Mauritanian people".
Consequently, the hybrid was recommended to the Coconut Sector Development Project of Ghana for replanting of coconut fields devastated by LYD [7].
To stimulate a greater replanting effort however, there was the need to develop a more efficient coconut intercropping systems involving other economic tree crops that are capable of providing insurance against total crop failure and loss of income [8] since the MYD x VTT coconut hybrid was only moderately tolerant to LYD.
LYD causes the fall of fronds and fruit, leaving bare, dead, poles rising out of the sand.
The infectious agent is a mycoplasma-like organism (MLO) that is transformed by the insect to cause LYD.
While, no differences in the moisture content among the hams of LYD, Ber, and Du breeds were observed in the present study.
In contrast, no differences in the ash content were observed among the hams of Du, Ber, and LYD breeds.
We asked the government to give us another 8 million, so we finish the 500 LYD, and we pay everybody the 300LYD extra to balance things out.
LYD, though, is brave enough to creep out and bite the builder .