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LYRLancashire and Yorkshire Railway (England, UK)
LYRLondon Youth Rowing
LYRLove You Really
LYRLongyearbyen, Norway - Svalbard (Airport Code)
LYRLast Year Rate
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Which Premier League club started life as Newton Heath LYR FC in 1878?
announced today that it has acquired the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology from LightYear Resources (LYR) and has appointed LYR President Bill Bugbee as its Director of Electronic Commerce.
LYR, a strategic consultancy firm founded in 1984, has assisted companies ranging from Fortune 100 to newly formed ventures, and with a client base of EDI market leaders that includes AMR, British Telecom, CSX, GE Information Services, GTE, IBM, Infonet, PTT Telecom - Netherlands, Sears, Singapore Network Services, and Sterling Commerce.