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An image of V358 Lyr in outburst is shown in Figure 1a.
The outburst allowed us to determine the position of V358 Lyr using a pre-release copy of the UCAC 3 as the reference catalogue:
A deep image of the field of V358 Lyr on JD 831, 38 days after detection of the outburst, failed to record the star even though the limiting magnitude was around 21 (Figure 1b).
The authors conducted unfiltered time-series photometry of V358 Lyr using the instrumentation shown in Table 2 and according to the observation log in Table 3.
However, there is also a suggestion that some of the variation could be a real variation in V385 Lyr, considering that in several of the runs the photometric errors are smaller than the actual variation.
Our observations, including the profile of the outburst lightcurve, its amplitude and the B-V colour index, are consistent with V358 Lyr being a dwarf nova.
(13) We shall consider whether V385 Lyr exhibits each of these characteristics.
Certainly, the outburst interval of 43 years between the two known outbursts of V358 Lyr is exceptionally long and considerably longer than the 33 years of the prototype, WZ Sge, itself.
V358 Lyr's outburst amplitude of at least 7.3 magnitudes is similar to several WZ Sge stars which typically have amplitudes in the range of ~6 to 8 magnitudes, including WZ Sge, HV Vir, EG Cnc and AL Com.
The shorter, less significant, period (0.05556(32)d) is within the range of [P.sub.orb] values of WZ Sge systems given in reference 21, but we note that if the strongest signal (0.07862(22)d) were [P.sub.orb], then V358 Lyr would have the longest [P.sub.orb] of currently known WZ Sge systems, just above RZ Leo ([P.sub.orb] = 0.07651d).
Thus the above observations are consistent with a WZ Sge classification for V358 Lyr. However, spectroscopic confirmation would be required, and we are not aware that spectroscopy was conducted at any stage of the outburst.
One notable feature of the outburst of V358 Lyr is the apparent absence of superhumps that are characteristic of superoutbursts of SU UMa (and therefore also WZ Sge) systems.