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The amino acid percent coverage, for TcdA and TcdB for each enzyme used, was 37% and 34% for AspN, 28% and 35% for chymotrypsin, 40% and 61% for GluC, 8% and 57% for LysC, and 80% and 66% for trypsin.
After digestion with LysC, the PSA of peak A was converted into two new peaks (Fig.
These results demonstrate that very pure and homogeneous BPSA and [PSA.sub.182(+)] can be isolated after treatment of PSA with LysC.
Mice were immunized with various NSA forms, including native BPSA purified from seminal plasma, in vitro prepared BPSA purified after treatment with LysC or trypsin, and [PSA.sub.182(+)] obtained after LysC treatment.
Proteolysis of the normal and mutant globin [beta] chains together with LysC enzyme followed by LC-MS analysis (Fig.