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LYSELong Yang Safety Engineering Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
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Lyse Doucet: But the pressures have been on you for years.
The contract has been signed to contribute to reliable power distribution for the Lyse Group, with systems that optimise the management and monitoring of power generation and transmission.
AWP speaker Marie Lyse Numuhoza from Rwanda (see photo at right,) passed along her reflections of her experiences on tour in the U.
Laser treatment can either be used to lyse the 'clumps' or to the cut the suspensory fibrils and allow the 'clumps' to sink to the infeiror vitreous.
Yeast cells [B5931] were grown in a defined medium, harvested by centrifugation, washed and resuspended in distilled water, and allowed to lyse from 0 to 32 days.
Thus, any agent that interferes with the ability of NK cells to lyse their targets could increase the risk of tumor incidence and/or viral infections.
Diane Desmarais, Bsc, DESS, Sc, Inf, and Lyse Pelletier, Bsc, Inf
He was born in Lyse Kolno, Bialystok, Poland, a son of Boleslaw W.
The traditional treatment has been to lyse the labia, but this will be a stopgap measure only.
The reason we focused on natural killer cells--or killer lymphocytes as they are now known--is they kill or lyse HIV-1 infected cells and secrete chemokines and cytokines," Dr.
Les effets differencies de la therapie de groupe aupres de conjoints violents : une analyse des facteurs d'aide, directeur de recherche, Jocelyn Lindsay ; co-chercheurs-es, Daniel Turcotte, Lyse Montminy ; professionnelle de recherche, Valerie Roy ; partenaires, Groupe d'aide aux personnes impulsives, Trajectoires Hommes du KRTB, Centre toutes agressions conjugales.
The President then returned to the Governor's guesthouse, where he was staying, and told the BBC's Lyse Doucet, "I'm fine.