LYSOLutetium Yttrium Orthosilicate (scintillator crystal)
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Genetsko testiranje na Fabryjevu bolest pokazalo je pozitivan nalaz, 2 heterozigotne mutacije, smanjenu aktivnost alfa galaktosidaze te povisene vrijednosti Lyso GB3.
POL was founded by six TRY employees, including creative directors Janne Brenda Lyso and Stian Johansen, and the young agency quickly carved out a reputation as a global creative leader with work like Audi's "Enter Sandbox," a VR experience that turned a children's sandbox into an off-road driving simulator.
The most common emission center is [Ce.sup.3+], and examples of commercial scintillators are Ce-doped LSO, (34) LYSO, (35) GAGG, (36) YAG, (70) YAP, (71) La[Cl.sub.3], (72) La[Br.sub.3] (73) and [Cs.sub.2]LiY[Cl.sub.6].
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Hence saliva contains peroxidase enzymes and lyso zyma among many other host innate defence systems.
Their molecule contains a portion that dissolves in contact with fat (lyso) and another that is responsible for color (chrome).
Nils Are Karstad Lyso is a consultant in the Oslo office.
Platelet-activating factor (PAF) C-16-d4 (formula weight 527.7) and lyso PAF C-16 (formula weight 481.7) were purchased from Cayman Chemical.
Other potential biomarkers for the MPO/HOCl chlorinating system are either plasmalogens (which will be discussed in more detail later) or glutathione ([gamma]-L-glutamyl-L-cysteinyl-glycin), which result in unsaturated (lyso)PLs and a-chloro aldehydes or glutathione sulfonamide, respectively.
Furthermore, the results of Cyto-ID[R] and Lyso Tracker staining showed three stages of autophagic flux in diosgenin-treated CML cells of formation and accumulation of autophagosomes at 12 h (green fluorescence), autophagosome-lysosome fusion at 24 h (yellow fluorescence) and degradation of autophagosomes by lysosomes at 48 h (red fluorescence) (Fig.