LYSTLysosomal Trafficking Regulator
LYSTLondon Youth Support Trust (UK)
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More importantly, the NAMPT and LYST genes are located on 7q22.
In addition, the RT-qPCR results showed that the efficiency of LYST gene silencing was >70% at 24 hours post-transfection when either siRNA duplex (LYST-a, LYST-b, LYST-c, or LYST-abc) was used (Figure 2B).
siRNA-mediated silencing of NAMPT and LYST inhibited proliferation of RPMI 8226 cells
These findings showed that the suppression of NAMPT or LYST gene led to the inhibition of cell proliferation in RPMI 8226 cells.
NAMPT and LYST induced apoptosis in RPMI 8226 cells
To investigate the biological impact of NAMPT or LYST inhibition on the apoptosis in myeloma cells, RPMI 8226 cells were transiently transfected with NAMPT-abc or LYST-abc siRNAs and the apoptotic cell death was measured using Annexin V-FITC/PI staining.
Unlike NAMPT, little is known about the function of LYST gene in human cancer.
Due to the budget constraint, the LYST protein expression level in the siRNA-transfected cells was not measured in the current study.
This study demonstrated that NAMPT and LYST genes play pivotal roles in the molecular pathogenesis of MM.
The hematological findings of pancytopenia and hemophagocytosis suggest a possible deletion in the LYST gene in both of the presented cases, but ethnicity data and complete DNA analysis are needed to further substantiate the findings; nonetheless, both cases presented with the characteristic clinical and hematological profiles diagnostic of Chediak-Higashi syndrome.
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