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LZ1Lempel Ziv 1
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7 lunar distances from Earth-similar to near-Earth asteroid LZ1 which zoomed past us unexpectedly mid-June," he added.
2012 LZ1 may not have been a danger, but much of the concern was rooted in the late warning of its detection - the asteroid was spotted only four days before closest approach.
What they uncovered was a surprise - Asteroid 2012 LZ1 is actually bigger than thought, in fact, it is quite a lot bigger.
With the help of Arecibo, astronomers have deduced that Earth will be safe from being hit by 2012 LZ1 for at least 750 years.
WarBirds, Dawn of Aces, Fighter Ops, Raider Wars, iMagic Online, MEGAplayer, MEGAvoice and LZ1 are trademarked and Interactive Magic is a registered trademark of Interactive Magic, Inc.
The near-Earth asteroid 2012 LZ1, which astronomers think is about 1,650 feet (500 meters) wide, will come within 14 lunar distances of Earth Thursday evening.
The online skywatching service will train a telescope on the Canary Islands on 2012 LZ1 and stream the footage live, beginning at 8:00 p.
2012 LZ1 was discovered on the night of June 10-11 by Rob McNaught and his colleagues, who were peering through the Uppsala Schmidt telescope at Siding Spring Observatory in Australia.