LZCLow/Zero Carbon
LZCLayered Zero Coding (digital video)
LZCLeading Zero Count (binary data operations)
LZCLazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, Mexico - Na (Airport Code)
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The other subgroup contained vaccine strains CV777 and early Chinese strains CH/S and LZC. It is noted that the GXNN04 isolate was closer to the Korean strains Chinju99 and LJB/03 than the other newly isolated strains (Figure 3(a)).
With this in mind, in the Wales LZC Hub workshop the notion of creating a "Map of Everything" emerged, which was rated as the most highly weighted issue of immediate concern to the participants.
Another benefit, where the oil or dual fuel boiler is used for space heating, is that there is no need to change the flow and return temperatures of the hot water, unlike some LZC technologies.
A feed-in tariff system is introduced which rewards households that fit low or zero carbon technology (LZC), such as solar panels, with a guaranteed premium price for any electricity they sell back to the grid.
Atelier LZC dish towels: from Weego Home, Santa Monica ($36 for two; www.weegohome.com or 800/659-3346).
The existing system of zakat is composed of one Central Zakat Administration at the federal level, one Provincial Zakat Council in each province, a District Zakat Committee in each district, a Tehsil Zakat Committee in each tehsil (or sub-division) and a Local Zakat Committee (LZC) in each locality.
Tenders are invited for precision, machining,inspection of zircaloy component for lzc assembly.
An offshore company is behind the buyer of certain assets of Bulgaria's bankrupt largest non-ferrous metal producer, the Lead and Zinc Complex (LZC, OTZK) in Kardzhali, a Trade Registry check has revealed.
The third cluster contained Br1/87 (CV777), 2 Russian isolates, and 1 Chinese strain (LZC).
Tenders are invited for Supply of Precision machining,inspection of ss components for lzc assembly.