LZCLow/Zero Carbon
LZCLeading Zero Count (binary data operations)
LZCLazaro Cardenas, Michoacan, Mexico - Na (Airport Code)
LZCLayered Zero Coding (digital video)
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With this in mind, in the Wales LZC Hub workshop the notion of creating a "Map of Everything" emerged, which was rated as the most highly weighted issue of immediate concern to the participants.
In the next stage, 4-7 zakat recipients, and about the same number of households from general population, were selected from each LZC.
This is equal to the average amount of zakat which an LZC can collect with maximum efforts multiplied by the total number of LZCs in a given region.
Furthermore, only 4-7 zakat recipients have been interviewed from each selected LZC, while an identical number of non-recipients of zakat have been interviewed to represent the general population of 5000-10000 people in each selected locality.
The 8-degree narrow spot lens, coupled with the LZC 12-die, multi-color RGB, RGBA or RGBW emitters, provides effective in-source color mixing for dynamic color in entertainment and architectural lighting applications.
On-axis efficiencies are 12cd/lm for the 8-degree lens plus LZC emitter and 8cd/lm for the 15-degree lens and LZP emitter.
Both the LZC and the Gorubso Madan Mines in the nearby town of Madan were part of Intertrust Holding owned by Zahariev.
Table 2: Actual annual Generation, Consumption and Carbon Emissions Hot Heating Cooling Electricity Water LZC Energy 66,049 190,171 13,294 8,223 Generation (kWh) Energy 54,888 16,773 1,534,462 Consumption (kWh) Carbon 10,648 3,254 647,543 dioxide Emission (kg) kg[CO.
The LZC generation for heating is accounted for by readings from the main load-side heat meter (M1) for the four GSHPs.
The largest Bulgarian producer of non-ferrous metals, the Lead and Zinc Complex (LZC; OTZK) in the southern city of Kardzhali has been in trouble for at least several months now, with many fearing that the heavily indebted LZC, which has been out of operation in the past four months, will have the fate of Kremikovtzi, the behemoth steel mill near Sofia, which no longer operates as a result of years of mismanagement.
Bulgaria's government has indicated that the LZC in Kardzhali is also for sale, and that there are three bidders a one Bulgarian and two foreign a vying for it.
Both the LZC and Gorubso-Madan were part of Intertrust Holding owned by Bulgarian tycoon Valentin Zahariev.