LZCSLiquid Zone Control System
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At another level, the estimates of ushr funds actually collected by LZCs were inflated arbitrarily to obtain the figure for maximum collectible ushr.
Voluntary Zakat Actually Collected by LZCs 0.17 N.A N.A N.A N.A 5.
Data for this study is drawn from a random sample survey based of LZCs, Zakat Recipients, and the General Population (households not receiving zakat from the official channels), conducted in September and October, 1988.
The zakat recipients, drawn from the list of LZCs, were asked about their incomes and expenditures and zakat received from different sources.
This is equal to the average amount of zakat which an LZC can collect with maximum efforts multiplied by the total number of LZCs in a given region.
This refers to the actual collection of voluntary zakat by LZC's in 1988.