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LZKLeucine Zipper Kinase (cells)
LZKLangdurig Zieke Kinderen (Dutch: Children with Chronic Illnesses)
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Scientists deleted the LZK gene in astrocytes of one group of injured mice, which decreased the cells' injury response and resulted in a larger wound on the spinal cord.
Oil and gas production comes from its Umm Shaiff or US and LZK fields from which the crude is transferred to Das Island for processing, storage and export.
MAPKK kinases that regulate activation of p38 MAPK include kinases (Mlk1, Mlk2, Mlk3, Dlk, and Lzk), Mekk kinases (Mekk1, Mekk2, Mekk3, and Mekk4), Tak1, Ask1, Ask2, and Tpl- (2.20-26) Activation of the MAPKK kinases or MAPKKs occurs downstream from small G proteins whose function is regulated by the guanine exchange factor proteins.