LZMLe Zebre Multimedia (French company)
LZMLobule-Dependent Zonal Measurement (toxicology)
LZMLeucine Zipper-Like Motif
LZMLaser Zentrum Marburg (German: Marburg Laser Center; Marburg, Germany)
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Anciro says that LZM Nuvali branch was a success from the first day of operations.
Tibetan sheep LZM is a C-type LZM, a single polypeptide composed of 130 amino acid residues.
The DNA fragment encoding LZM was amplified by PCR reaction.
Using affinity chromatography to separate LZM can manufacture a high recovery and concentration (Vasstrand and Jensen, 1980).
For example, when the ionic strength gone up from 0.01 M to 0.2 M, the lytic activities gone down by a factor of 3 (at the optimal pH) just as has been reported before for oyster LZM (Xue et al., 2004) and hen egg white LZM (Davies et al., 1969).
The specific activity of rSLZ was 4,000 U/mg, which was lower than egg white LZM (Su and Chiang, 2006).
LZM: It is not really that my views have been changed.
LZM: Traditional Chinese Poetry plays a vital part in traditional Chinese culture and is very well developed.
LZM: It might be easier to firstly think of the common feature between China and the West in terms of Modernism, as the differences are too many.
LZM: Ezra Pound knew very well what he was doing, though he indeed did not really know the Chinese language when he translated and published Cathay in order to promote his Imagist poetics.
LZM: I understand that it is always tricky to label anything as universal, as people are simply inclined to suspect such a concept.