LZMALempel-Ziv-Markov chain Algorithm
LZMALempel and Ziv Modified Compression Algorithm
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From the four charts above, we may conclude that LZMA can reduce the redundancy between the files.
The native library compression SDK, the author developed, can help app developer to integrate the LZMA native library compression to obtain smaller files.
Besides the LZMA compression, this SDK provides additional functions to encourage developers to include an x86 native library with the following:
LZMA is a modern compression algorithm based on ideas from a LZ77 compression family.
LZMA significantly improves compression ratio in comparison to LZ77-based algorithms at the cost of much slower compression (decompression speed is not much affected).
We found experimentally that a transform optimized for LZMA and BWT-based [3] (e.
PPMVC offers compression ratio higher than LZMA, and taster compression time.
Our implementation of SDHT and SHT has embedded four back-end compression algorithms: gzip, LZMA, PPMVC, and FastPAQ8.
The next parts of Table 2 contain compression results of the introduced HTML corpus using gzip, LZMA, PPMVC, FastPAQ, and our implementation of the SDHT and SHT algorithms combined with gzip, LZMA, PPMVC, and FastPAQ.
Compared to the general-purpose compression tools, SDHT improves compression of the introduced HTML corpus on average by 4% in case of gzip, 0% for LZMA, almost 2% in case of PPMVC and about 1% for FastPAQ.
More Compression Methods - The addition of WinZip's new JPEG and LZMA compression methods to its existing PPMd, BZip2, Enhanced Deflate and WAVPack methods, WinZip offers improved compression performance for most file types.