LZOLandessparkasse Zu Oldenburg (German: National Savings Bank to Oldenburg)
LZOLens Effects Focus
LZOThe Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer (data compression algorithm)
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Additionally, within the MLO's framework of lighting zones, a "No ambient light" zone was established, LZO. Because of the inclusion of the FVH and BVH values in the 'if rating, it appeared as if the MLO was allowing uplight in the darkest of zones, which was not necessarily the case since the lower UL and UH limits are more likely to be the limiting factor than the FVH or BVH limits.
In 1837, the year of the unveiling of the pediment for the Pantheon, David begins a new bust of Hugo and confides to Pavie: "Il est temps d'entreprendre ce travail, car la partie sensuelle du visage de notre ami commence a lutter vigoureusement avec la partie intelligente; c'est a dire que le bas du visage est presqu'aussi large que le front [...]" (DARL lZO).
squarrosa Stylaster roseus Corales escleract!nidos 45 38 24 con zooxantelas 40 35 21 * = sin zooxantelas 5 3 3 Generos de corales 23 22 14 Hidrocorales 1 2 2 Especies Arrecifes PLAN CFAL LZO Acropora palmata + ++ A.
LZO compression is an example of a portable lossless data compression library written in ANSI C.