LZSLempel Ziv Stac
LZSLempel Ziv STAC (data compression algorithm used in IPSEC protocol)
LZSLower Zone Storage (groundwater)
LZSLatvijas Zemnieku Savieniba (Latvian: Latvian Farmers' Union; Riga, Latvia)
LZSLetalska Zveza Slovenije (Slovenian: Aeronautical Association of Slovenia; parachute enthusiasts)
LZSLondon Zine Symposium
LZSLudowe Zespoly Sportowe (Polish organization that promotes sports in rural areas)
LZSLondon Zoological Society (UK)
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LZS chief coordinating officer Abdul Basith Hamid said Selangor residents from households with a monthly income of not more than RM3,000 can apply for the aid online.
Our instructions were to report to Port-Au-Prince airport for tasking, but occasionally we were assigned other LZs to work.
This would allow C-17s to airdrop and land on the same airfields certified in the combat environment by AFSOC combat controllers for MC-130 use, when the LZs and DZs met C-17 standards.
Establishment of those LZs enhanced the safety of the helicopters involved in the relief efforts.
The Express DR 250/255 hardware accelerated data deduplication cards use built-in SHA-1 or MD5 hashing algorithms and single-pass LZS 2.5:1 data compression (on average) with an optional encryption engine.
(9) USAAF concerns also forced the landings to more distant drop zones (DZs) and landing zones (LZs) since it was feared that zones nearer to Arnhem would expose the transports to German antiaircraft (AA) fire.
A significant majority of cargo gliders did deliver successfully to unimproved LZs. However, not much of military significance was recovered postinvasion.
During the war, landing zones (LZs) used to unload troops by helicopter were identified by Air Force reconnaissance pilots from the air.
* Longevity zeros (LZs): these are the equivalents of conventional zeros, and have similar purposes, e.g., as building blocks for more complicated tailor-made securities.
Organisers, the London Zoological Society (LZS), say they're also planning to hold a discussion on the possibility of gay animals.
As part of a deception plan, twelve 105-millimeter howitzers would fire for 8 minutes on two alternate LZs (Tango and Yankee) before shifting fire and laying a steel curtain around X-Ray and the adjacent area.
When playing for LZS Modrzewianka he asked the club president if he could skip a game to attend a friend's wedding.