LZSLempel Ziv Stac
LZSLempel Ziv STAC (data compression algorithm used in IPSEC protocol)
LZSLower Zone Storage (groundwater)
LZSLatvijas Zemnieku Savieniba (Latvian: Latvian Farmers' Union; Riga, Latvia)
LZSLetalska Zveza Slovenije (Slovenian: Aeronautical Association of Slovenia; parachute enthusiasts)
LZSLondon Zine Symposium
LZSLudowe Zespoly Sportowe (Polish organization that promotes sports in rural areas)
LZSLondon Zoological Society (UK)
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The cards use built-in SHA-1 or MD-5 hashing algorithms and single pass LZS 2.
HIPP supported algorithms include 3DES, DES, AES and ARC4 encryption, SHA-1 and MD5 authentication, LZS and MPPC compression.
Olson y Smith [14] estudiaron incialmente este sistema usando las teorias de LZS y DW.
Algorithms that can be performed by the 7901 include DES, 3-DES, and RC4 encryption, RSA, DSA, and DH public key, SHA-1 and MD5 authentication, and LZS and MPPC compression.
On the other hand, if another link happens to be an IPSec link, it can be instructed to perform LZS, Triple DES, and MD5 on the packet.
The high-speed data compression capability of the DS 255 is based on Hifn's patented LZS technology, which optimizes compression throughput and compression ratio.
Mini Accelerator Cards (MAC) provide hardware-based STAC LZS data compression and/or DES and Triple (3DES) encryption.
Note to Editors: Hi/fn and LZS are registered trademarks of Hi/fn(R), Inc.
PowerCrypt provides full hardware support for the complete IPSec protocol stack, including DES, 3DES, SHA-1, and MD5, as well as RC4 encryption, and LZS and MPPC data compression schemes.
Contract award notice: Supply of drugs used in drug programs in the Rheumatology Department (RA, ZZSK, MIZS, LZS, Wegner's granuloma) for the needs of the Multiculturalistic Hospital in Szczecin.
Hi/fn's patented LZS compression technology has become the de facto standard in the marketplace.