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LZWLempel-Ziv-Welch (algorithm)
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In their papers, they focused on specification of syllables, methods for decomposition of words into syllables, and using syllable-based compression in combination of the principles of LZW and Huffman coding.
The LZW has an obvious performance decline when the BER increases; the JPEG compression algorithm is heavily affected by the BERs; only MPEG-1 displays a strong error tolerant capability, but not better than CS-based approaches.
LZW###TIFF format image###data; TIFF technique of applying LZW compression to other data formats results
La compresion LZW se escogio para aquellos documentos cuyo original tenia problemas de visionado y era preciso aumentar su resolucion para una similitud con el original en papel.
Furthermore, compressed images with their background removed can be subjected to additional lossless compression methods such as RLE, HE and LZW.
Comunmente se le conoce como algoritmo de Lempel-Ziv-Welch o por sus iniciales, LZW.
The LZW compression algorithm used in the GIF format is owned by Unisys, and is licensed to OriginLab.
A similar result, restricted to the LZW format, was independently found and presented in Kida et al.
Sunraster, TARGA, and TIFF format types 2 and 32773), LZW encoding (i.
The LZW graphics technology, that GIF is based on, is a legacy from the 1980s that Unisys inherited.
A compression format developed by CompuServe using Unisys's patented LZW (Lempel-Ziv-Welch) technique, GIF files are bitmaps composed of individual pixels.
Angela Finet, Millstar's project leader for EEM 1997, said, "We had to find a new compression technology since Unisys began enforcing their patent on TIFF LZW compression, which is what we used last year.