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LBNYLong Beach, New York
LBNYLa Boule New Yorkaise (French: The New York Ball; New York boule club)
LBNYLiberty Bank of New York (New York, NY)
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New York's oldest petanque club, La Boule New Yorkaise, was invited to use the petanque courts.
I learned from Joe and his friends Hans Jepson and James Barr that Alfred Levitt, the founder of La Boule New Yorkaise, started the magnificent petanque areas in Washington Square Park in 1983.
When through an invitation from another Madagascan he discovered members of La Boule New Yorkaise playing in Washington Square Park, he was so happy that he went there every evening after work.
He had played petanque as a child in France with his mother's family and his friends, but when in April 2009, he discovered by chance La Boule New Yorkaise members playing in Bryant Park, he had not practiced for a long time.
He became a member of La Boule New Yorkaise in 1988, then vice president, and served as president from 1992 to 2005.
He has been president of La Boule New Yorkaise since 2007.
Generally, the members of La Boule New Yorkaise live or work close to Washington Square Park or Bryant Park.