LaCHIPLouisiana Children's Health Insurance Program
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* The percentage of children who meet eligibility requirements for Medicaid and LaCHIP, but remain uninsured, dropped from 5.3 percent in the 2009 survey down to 2.9 percent.
* Since 2009, there are 18,326 fewer uninsured children who qualify for Medicaid or LaCHIP coverage.
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With over half of its children (0-18) and 6.4 percent of adults (19-64) enrolled in Medicaid or LaCHIP, there is potential for a larger bias due to the undercount in Louisiana even if misreporting is comparable with other states.
However, not all 9,426 individuals are enrolled in Medicaid or LaCHIP. To ensure that our analysis only includes actual Medicaid recipients, survey data were matched back to Medicaid enrollment data.
The final tally reveals that some of the sampled households contained multiple individuals listed as enrolled in Louisiana Medicaid or LaCHIP programs while other households had only one Medicaid or LaCHIP recipient.
To test this hypothesis, Table 2 presents the percent of matches reporting as enrolled in Medicaid or LaCHIP and the percent of false negatives by match type.
Overall, the respondents accurately identify the insurance status for the majority of the individuals enrolled in Medicaid or LaCHIP.
Just over 80 percent of children are accurately identified as enrolled in the Medicaid or LaCHIP program.
According to state enrollment data, as of May 2005, 52 percent of Louisiana's children (665,545) were enrolled in LaCHIP, while 6 percent of adults (170,998) were enrolled in Medicaid.