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En 1628, don Baltasar Guamani, cacique principal de Guaqui, solicito ante la Audiencia la expulsion de los pastores de Laja instalados en la estancia, aduciendo que esas tierras les habian sido asignadas por el Inka y luego reconfirmadas por la visita toledana (23).
Laja, in a letter to Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial, explained that the eggs were actually a farewell gift from the locals during a medical and dental mission conducted from July 18 to 22 last year in the remote fishing towns of Turtle Islands and Mapun.
He was was then turned over to PO1 Laja early morning on November 5.
Jeannette Laja, director of the Estudio para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer (DEMUS), told La Republica that the attorney general's decision is to comply with that agreement.
The Austrian company will supply and install a high energy recovery boiler (HERB) and an evaporation plant for CMPC's pulp mill in Laja. Andritz will be also responsible for the complete instrumentation, control system and electrification.
Avaliaram-se tres diferentes propriedades na ilha (Cueva del Polvo, Hoya Melleque e Canaria Forestal) onde se produzem bananas ao ar livre das cultivares Gruesa, Gran Enana e Laja. O cultivo e conduzido tanto em areas experimentais pertencentes ao ICIA, como em propriedades particulares.