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LAALinear Algebra and its Applications (various schools)
LAALos Angeles Angels (baseball team)
LAAL 'Assurance Accidents (French: Accident Insurance; various locations)
LAALove Addicts Anonymous
LAAL-Aspartic Acid
LAALatin American Alliance (Santa Rosa, CA)
LAALegal Administrative Assistant (various companies)
LAALocal Area Agreements (UK)
LAALyme Art Association (Connecticut)
LAALatino Alumni Association (various organizations)
LAALate Antique Archaeology (publication)
LAALeft Atrial Appendage
LAALicense Assisted Access (mobile devices)
LAALarge Address Aware (computing)
LAALongest Available Agent
LAALan Address Administration
LAALinear Addressing Architecture
LAALatin American Awards
LAALatin American Association
LAALight Aircraft Association (UK)
LAALifetime Achievement Award
LAALotteries and Amusements Act (UK)
LAALocally Administered Address
LAALearning Alliance Approach
LAALibrary Association of Alberta
LAALaboratory Animal Allergy
LAALimited Access Authorization
LAALikely to Adversely Affect
LAALibrary Association of Australia
LAALocal Airport Advisory
LAALocal Authority Associations
LAALeft Atrial Abnormality (cardiology)
LAALive Art Archive (UK)
LAALubbock Apartment Association (Lubbock, TX)
LAALead Agency Attorney
LAALymphoedema Association of Australia
LAALeague of Animal Artists (Dallas, GA)
LAALatin American Antiquity (publication)
LAALongest Available Agent (Cisco)
LAAL2TP Access Aggregation
LAALight Anti-Aircraft Artillery
LAALocal Area Assessment (UK)
LAALeicester and Leicestershire Animal Aid Association (UK)
LAAJamahirya Libyan Arab Airlines (ICAO code)
LAALoad Adaptive Algorithm
LAALangley Activities Association
LAALow Activity Aircraft (military flying exercises)
LAALeague of Advertising Agencies
LAALos Angeles Abrasion test (measure of rock toughness)
LAALouisville Arena Authority, Inc.
LAALaser Association of America (now the Lasers and Electro-Optics Manufacturers Association)
LAALeading Agents in Australia
LAALook At Agency (State Farm Insurance)
LAALeft Atrial Auricle
LAALamar, Colorado, USA - Lamar Municipal Airport
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This trial is a significant milestone in the use of LAA, pushing the limits of Gigabit LTE in a unique configuration of advanced technologies.
Stephen Chau, CTO of SmarTone, said: " LAA is an important technological evolution that can combine licensed and unlicensed spectrum to provide LTE service.
Into this network infrastructure, Ericsson introduced its micro Radio 2205 for LAA.
LAA enables greater carrier aggregation than LTE-U, so mobile operators can combine larger amounts of unlicensed and licensed spectrum.
The exclusion criteria were as following: (1) intracardiac thrombus, including LAA or spontaneous echo-contrast visualized by transesophageal echocardiograph (TEE) within 48 h before WATCHMAN Device implanted; (2) left ventricular ejection fraction <30.
The current study was planned to test the hypothesis whether outcomes of SSA differed from LAA in patients undergoing MVR.
8% implant success rate adding to the clinical evidence that the Amplatzer Amulet LAA Occluder is a safe alternative for prevention of stroke in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation.
Whilst acknowledging the independence of the LAA in these matters, I personally support the granting of Exceptional Funding for your legal representation at the inquest and believe that by working with the LAA a suitable level of funding can be achieved.
In a statement the LAA said: "The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) has no role in judging the issues of professional conduct involved in the allegations.
Objective: Thromboembolic phenomenon is directly related to atrial fibrillation, a phenomenon being increasingly diagnosed, and LAA has been postulated to be the major cause of its occurrence.
LAA closure device is an interventional device used to prevent stroke, reduce the risk of secondary stroke and emboli because of atrial fibrillation.
Key advancement toward the global standardization of LAA technology