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LAARLatin American Applied Research
LAARLow Altitude Air Refueling
LAARLocal Administration and Reform (Cambodia)
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Ram Chand Kolhi, Zubeda Khaskheli, Amnat Qambrani, Ali Mallah, Anwar Ali Shaikh and others while talking to the local media persons deplored that they were not paid 17 months salaries when they threatened the boycott the Laar Literature Festival in Badin some month ago.
Mart Laar served as Estonia's Prime Minister from 1992 to 1994, and from 1999 to 2002, and is considered Estonia's first true reformist and main architect of his nation's remarkable economic transformation into one of the world's freest and most dynamic economies.
In order to help select a platform, the US Air National Guard (ANG) conducted a demonstration of the Hawker Beechcraft AT-6B Texan-II (subsequently redesignated in the US the Beechcraft AT-6 Wolverine) in an effort separate to LAAR.
Krugler said that MAG Mutual lawyers agreed to cover the entire judgment, despite policy limits that would otherwise have left Van Laar and his clinic on the hook for nearly $3 million, because MAG Mutual repeatedly turned down Krugler's offers to settle the case for $2 million -- the combined limit of two malpractice policies held by Van Laar's clinic that also covered the physician.
Minister Poposki had meetings also with Estonian Defense Minister Mart Laar, as well as with Members of the Estonian Parliament, who reconfirmed their strong support for Macedonia's bid for EU and NATO membership.
Kirtar Lal Menghwar, an agricultural expert who works at the Laar Humanitarian and Development Program (LHDP), corroborated Kolhi's account, saying that organisations that have set up relief camps in towns are following in the footsteps of banned religious organisations and discriminating against minorities.
Defense Minister Mart Laar was not in the building at the time, said ministry spokesman Hannes Kont.
LN), a clean energy products company, has signed a joint development agreement with Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet - a majority shareholder of Brazil-based Autotrac SA, Olympic sailing medal winner Torben Grael and LAAR Consultoria e Assessoria Ltda, a Brazil-based engineering consultancy company.
Publisher Sanoma and Amsterdam-based investor Ronald van de Laar are said to be among the interested parties for the publishing unit.
The LAAR program appears to signal a programmatic and cultural shift toward recognizing the value of a purpose-built light attack platform to the IW fight; however, there remains the greater question about whether the services will properly integrate this platform so that it provides optimal support to the customer.
Bulgaria's Financial Minister Simeon Djankov, the former Estonian Prime Minister Mart Laar, Polish Under Secretary of State Marcin Korolec and Iliana Ivanova shared their views on the new member states which have still not in the Eurozone on a workshop titled "The Impact of the Crisis on the New Member States".