LABNLocal Area Branching Node
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According to Kabboul, the different means LABN used to get the message across included: erecting bill boards, sending out text messages, circulating flyers, launching advertisements and sponsoring a variety of activities.
BBN will lead a team that includes RTI International; RENCI; Verizon Federal Network Systems; Photon Futures, LLC; Optoelectronic Consulting, LLC; University of California, Davis; and LabN.
Finally, the LABN official underlined the need of a "legal framework enabling us of identifying corrupt acts and hold corrupt people accountable," adding that LTA was working on a project to combat corruption.
The event that saw the announcement of the recommendations to reform the taxation system along with the real state and electricity sectors, was held in cooperation with LABN and the Center for International Private Enterprise "CIPE.
LABN is an initiative of the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).