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LRNLaboratory Response Network (website)
LRNLine Routing Number
LRNLocation Routing Number
LRNLead Round Nose (round, lead bullet with no outer jacket)
LRNLocal Routing Number
LRNLearning Resource iNterchange (Microsoft)
LRNLateral Reticular Nucleus
LRNLey de Reconciliación Nacional (Spanish: National Reconciliation Act; Guatemala)
LRNLong Range Navigation (also seen as LRNAV)
LRNLocal Roaming Number
LRNLocal Range Network
LRNLay Reference Number
LRNLegal Reform Now
LRNLimited Recourse Note
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In the United States, the Laboratory Response Network was implemented to build a network of laboratories that can respond to biologic and chemical emergencies.
Lynn E Brennan, Wadsworth Center Laboratory Response Network, New York State Department of Health, Albany, NY
Combining these exercises with other actions, such as the specific identification of responsible sentinel laboratory personnel for management of possible bioterrorism events, will optimize the preparation and readiness of the Laboratory Response Network.
(4) Nonstandard abbreviations: HHA, hand-held assay; BDRD, Biological Defense Research Directorate; NBACC, National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center; IR, infrared; HVAC, heating, ventilating, air conditioning; USPS, US Postal Service; BDS, Biohazard Detection System; LRN, Laboratory Response Network; HazMat, hazardous material; FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation; CRP, Critical Reagents Program; cfu, colony-forming units.
Within the United States, the test, which is known as the Influenza A/H5 (Asian Lineage) Virus Real-Time RT-PCR Primer and Probe Set, is being distributed to about 140 designated laboratories in the Laboratory Response Network. About 87% of the country's population lives within 1 hour of such a lab, said the CDC's Steve Monroe, Ph.D.
It has worked closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and USDA to expand the nation's food counter-terrorism laboratory response network, he added.
* help implemeut a laboratory response network for bioterrorism
Results will be confirmed within 24 hours using genetic analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Laboratory Response Network. The system will work in conjunction with a system designed to monitor patients for symptoms of bioagent exposure.
"The Laboratory Response Network was the network that detected the case in Florida," explains APHL Executive Director Scott Becker.
CDC also helps to coordinate a national network of local, state, and federal public health labs called the Laboratory Response Network (LRN).
CDC has authorized only state public health laboratories and the Laboratory Response Network, an integrated network of domestic and international laboratories that respond to public health emergencies.
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