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LZLanding Zone
LZLed Zeppelin (band)
LZLearning Zone (various organizations)
LZLazio (Italian region)
LZLempel-Ziv (dictionary-based lossless data compression)
LZLubrizol Corporation (stock symbol)
LZBalkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZLoading Zone (website)
LZLuftschiff Zeppelin (German Zeppelin airship)
LZLouis Zukofsky (American poet)
LZLabyrinth Zone (Sonic 1 level)
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An exposure of the body of pregnant albino rats to the lead salts causes the development of placental insufficiency, which is most intensively manifested in the labyrinth zone of placenta.
Excess estrogen in pregnancy has been shown to cause disruption of trophoblastic septa, haemorrhage, fibrin deposition and inflammatory cell migration in the labyrinth zone of placenta.
It was increased in the junctional zone, which is responsible for hormone production, but was reduced in the labyrinth zone, which is essential for nutrient transport from mother to fetus and also acts as a protective barrier.
All the classic stages are here, from the fabled loops of the Green Hill Zone to the elaborate mazes of the Labyrinth Zone. They'll bring a nostalgic tear to the eye of anyone who lived through the early days of the Sonic The Hedgehog phenomenon.