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The CBIRC also pointed out a number of corporate governance issues including shareholders who have financed their shareholding via trust loans, the long-term absence of senior personnel, lack of performance appraisals for management and lack of concern about related-party transactions.
To make things more interesting, the PTI-led federal government has also jumped into the fray, taking potshots at the Sindh administration for its lack of performance. However, a statement by the Karachi mayor on Tuesday, asking the people to stop paying taxes to the Sindh government, is ill-advised.
Over the past few days there have been letters which sum up the performance, or lack of performance, in key areas.
Shareholders should seriously consider these very important metrics that MiMedx just published in terms of considering, not only their lack of performance and destructive decisions related to the progress of the Company, but also to the experience of persons that will be needed on the management team and in the Board room.
If we leave one or two series in between, there is no lack of performance," he added.
Digiphil noted that during a meeting with Mindanao Islamic over its 'lack of performance,' their officials were surprised when the latter indicated 'they were free to entertain other offers.'
Lack of performance data is the main challenge Fitch faces when rating new lender UK RMBS, but this lack can be overcome when a new entrant's lending criteria and products are in line with established lenders.
BAGHDAD / NINA/ - Dawa Party stressed that the remaining period of the current government will not witness the dismissal of any minister, while revealing the directions planned by Prime Minister Haider Abadi to take them to withdraw the hand of some ministers and governors, whose apparent lack of performance.
The government employees are often criticized for their lack of performance, dedication and devotion but hardly anyone looks into their problems that are impeding their performance and responsible for their lacklustre attitude.
Earlier, chief selector Inzamam ul Haq slammed the national side and was of the view that the lack of performance from the experienced campaigners was a bad sign.
The conversation was taking a nosedive into blaming the owner for lack of performance. But another senior director of the company had a different view,
"But within the team our focus since finishing first and third had been on the painful moments over the Singapore weekend - why we struggled in the long runs on Friday and our lack of performance over one lap in qualifying - to learn as much as possible for the rest of the season.