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Recent price rises reflect concerns about a lack of potential yields from other asset classes such as fixed income.
There is no lack of potential or competence in Pakistan.
German publications with stories on Circle Day quoted men in the east frustrated with the lack of potential dating or marriage prospects.
First competition that was set for 6 September 2016 was acknowledged failed due to lack of potential buyers.
Within the first announcement to sell "Ero" Hotel in 2014, the Federal Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance set the price of KM 24 million, but the price was reduced on several occasions due to the lack of potential buyers.
The problem is not a lack of potential or a dearth of possibilities.
At the hearing at Coventry Magistrates' Court, Miss Kiernan's brother Dwaine raised the issue of the lack of potential life-saving equipment, such as rings, at the pool.
He said: "The site is a designated employment site but as there is a lack of potential residential sites in Saltney it should be considered suitable for residential use.
3.00 Exeter Bathwick Tyres Bridgwater Juvenile Hurdle 2m1/2f RUK Card page 28 THE lack of potential threeyear-old hurdlers has been identified as a problem area but Exeter has been forced to put up the 'full house' sign after today's juvenile hurdle was oversubscribed.
In addition, the Slovak business milieu has received many critical comments in the past aimed at the lack of potential, infrastructure and support in R and D as Slovak industry at this point essentially assembles products without much higher added value.
"Nothing at all has changed about our views of him or his lack of potential to continue leading the Syrian government.
JLL has previously noted that the low level of sales of completed commercial assets in Dubai over the past few years has been a reflection of the limited supply of investment-grade projects being offered rather than a lack of potential buyers.